About us

Port Pirie is situated on the quiet waterways at the head of the Spencer Gulf, in close proximity to the spectacular Flinders Ranges. Off to the west and south-west lie a range of hills which once marked the territory of the Nukunu Aboriginal tribe, and to the north-west are two remarkable flat-topped mounts,

Port Pirie City Council covers the city of Port Pirie, including Stirling North, and the seaside homes located at Commissariat Point, Blanche Harbour and Miranda and has a population 13,985 (ABS Census 2011).

The elected Council comprises of the mayor and nine councillors, with Port Pirie City Council responsible for a diverse range of services including aged care, child care, tourism facilities, parks and gardens, ovals, art galleries and performance centres, roads and bridges, street lighting, children’s special needs centre, Aboriginal community development, drug and alcohol management, town planning, and library and information services.

Port Pirie is uniquely located on Spencers Gulf, with the Flinders Ranges providing a spectacular backdrop. It is also located on Australia’s crossroads for both rail and road.